What is League Bowling?
League Bowling is a fun and friendly weekly round-robin competition where it’s teams vs team in a battle for points and for first place on the ladder!
Is League For me?
As pretty much every league uses a handicap system, there’s an even playing field for all bowlers regardless of you being a first time bowler of an experienced player! League bowling can be fun for everyone and age is no barrier. We have bowlers ranging in age from under 6yrs to over 70yrs! We encourage first timers to come down and check out our leagues and see just how varied the skill level is and how much fun can be had too!
What Do I Get For My Money?
With league costs ranging from around $13 for junior leagues and $20-$25 for our adult leagues, our aim is to ensure you get your money’s worth! Each week, you and your team will play three games of team bowling against another team for points. You’ll also get discounts on league practice games (starting from only $5!) plus a coffee club card (available from the cafe) that entitles you a free post-mix or coffee on every 6th clip! Every bowler who plays out a full season and has paid all weekly fees can find themselves winning great prizes from cash to vouchers and bowling gear! Some leagues even hold an end of season presentation dinner!
Is There A Membership Fee?
All Oz Tenpin Bowling centres are proudly partnered with the TBA (Tenpin Bowling Australia association) Just like with every other sport, we do have a yearly membership fee that not only registers you as a Tenpin Bowling League Member, but also entitles you to personal bowling awards in the form of badges and discounts on league practice games at all TBA associated centres!
How Do I Start?
This is the easy part! Give your local Oz Tenpin Centre a call, or even better, pop in for a visit and speak to any of our friendly staff behind the counter! You’ll need to have a fair idea of what night of the week you could be interested in playing and there’s no need to worry about what your handicap might be, as we’ll work that out for you after your first night of league bowling! Have a team ready to go? Great!! Or is it just yourself? No worries! We’ll do our best to fit you into a team as soon as viable!